About Dr. Sam

Dr. Sam Kojoglanian, known as Dr. Sam, Dr. K, and the Mender of Hearts, has the distinction of being a five year honoree of the Patients’ Choice Award and Most Compassionate Award, a recognition granted only to 1% of the 900,000 active physicians in America. He has also been awarded Top 10 Cardiologist in California, bestowed to physicians who are constantly given top ratings.

Voted Best Cardiologist in the Santa Clarita Valley, Dr. Kojoglanian uses his God given skills to practice with passion, heal with compassion, and inspire his patients to live healthier and stronger lives. As an interventional cardiologist, he not only performs angioplasties, but teaches his patients how to prevent cardio-vascular disease.

Dr. Kojoglanian is a graduate of University of Southern California, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology, Masters in Anatomy, and his Medical Doctor Degree. He was honored with the Outstanding Teaching Award by the USC Center of Excellence as a Masters Student. He was the Class Co-President in his first year of medical school and the Co-President of the entire school body in his second year. Upon completing medical school, he received the Associated Students of the School of Medicine Award for his community work.

In 1995, Dr. Sam began his Internal Medicine Internship and Residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital where he became the Helen Smetz Scholar for outstanding leadership. He started his Cardiology training at Kaiser Los Angeles in 1998. At the end of his training as a Cardiology Fellow, he was honored with the Fellow of the Year award by both Internal Medicine Residents and Family Practice Residents, presented to the most skilled and influential teacher. In 2001, he entered his Interventional Cardiology Fellowship at Kaiser Los Angeles.

Dr. Kojoglanian’s private practice began in 2002 in Mission Hills. In 2008, he opened his own office, the Mender of Hearts in Santa Clarita, CA, where he continues to serve his patients by mending their hearts.

small-logo1Yet, Dr. Sam is called to embark on a greater mission: the healing of souls, solely by God’s grace. As Philip RAN to speak to the Ethiopian official, to preach, to teach, to evangelize and to baptize (Acts 8:26-40), Dr. Sam has been called to RUN, carrying and delivering the Good News of Christ with clarity, authority, compassion and boldness.

To withhold this treasure, this Medicine, the Gospel, the beauty of Christ, is to kill the patients…with the eternal consequence of hell. To “administer” this Medicine, the Word of God, is to share the Love of all loves, the Gift of all gifts, and the Hope of all Hopes, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior who gives eternal life.

The vision is clear. The time is now. The excuses are over. The Spirit of God calls, and Dr. Sam humbly GOES…with the MINISTRY OF WHOLENESS (Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit)…Healing hearts, Mending souls, and Rocking the planet by the power of Christ!

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