Run Mouse, Run

We enjoyed our grandpa, who moved to the states in his 80’s and asked him, “Grandpa, what did you learn in English class today?” And he would say, “Run mouse, run. If you do not run, the cat will catch you!” We’d laugh with him, congratulating him on learning how to put simple sentences together.

Simple words can have profound meanings.

Run mouse, run.


Cast idleness aside.

Get busy.

Not in other people’s business.

In your business.

So when you get done with your business.

You can help others in their business.



Don’t talk about the weather.

It will not change if you talk about it.

Walk to change your life, and your health.

If you do not run.

If we decide to stay idle.

If we decide to stay stagnant.

If we decide to stay immobile.

If we decide to stay inactive.

If we decide to stand still.

Moments will pass.

Bellies will bulge.

Joints will degenerate.

Opportunities will dissipate.

And the heart will palpitate.

The cat will catch you.

The rust will corrode.

The dust will rise.

The back will bend.

Time will be no more.

Today is your day. Today is the day of hope. Of giving. Of studying. Of enjoying. Of running. Of resting. Of praying. Of trusting. Of laughing. Of salvation. Of service. Of honor. And of forgiving.

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