Why I Pray

Recently a kind gentleman stated that prayer is not working regarding school shootings or the state of humanity. Please take the time to read my response…why I pray…

I pray because it is a joy to commune with god; to thank him for the bread he provides on the table; to bless his name; to give thanks even when nothing is going my way; to praise him when I win and praise him when I lose; to worship him for he is worthy of honor; to give thanks for all the first responders, doctors, nurses, law enforcement who do amazing work to help alleviate a little of mankind’s suffering; to ask god to keep me from temptation; to praise him for his goodness, mercy and protection; to ask that his will be done. I pray to intercede for family, friends and my patients…and even for people I don’t know. There is so much uncertainty in this world…and so I pray.

Education, politics and more regulations have not been able to change the wayward man, but the blood of the lamb will and prayer in Jesus’ name does. And so I pray.

It’s hard to believe that a 16 year old killed his classmates and himself in Saugus, CA on November 14, 2019. My prayers will not bring him or his victims back but even though I don’t know the families who are deeply wounded, I continue to pray for god to carry them in his loving arms and wipe away their tears. I don’t have anything else to give them…and so I pray.

Let’s give the world more regulations. More education. More money. More entertainment. More vacations. No, that will not help. And so, I pray.

I am so humbled by god….who am I that he is mindful of me, died for me, cares for me, provides for me, and listens to me? Prayer in Jesus’ precious name gives people comfort and lifts them out of the mirey clay and secures them by offering a firm place to stand. That is much more than this world can offer…so I choose to pray. It’s not that prayer doesn’t work…it’s just not utilized as it should be by Christ followers.

I pray that one day soon you will experience the deep love god has for you!

I feed the poor, help the indigent in 3rd world countries., care for orphans, and in the states, treat patients whose physical hearts are failing…I am simply nothing but I do this in the mighty name of Jesus and solely by his grace…and yes, just in case you wondered…I’ll continue to pray.

With love, Dr. Sam

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