What We Do


In order to implement our model, we recruit volunteer staff under the direction of the founder, Dr. Samuel Kojoglanian, from third world countries. By Partnering with pastors, churches, and medical personnel, volunteers are set in motion to serve the citizens. Those in attendance receive free medical and dental care, are given meals, and subsequently hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Providing medical support draws masses to our revivals. Our team advises patients to implement dietary changes and to participate in physical activities. Medications are dispensed, dental care is provided, and the patients are empowered with education, preventing and altering the course of their illnesses.

Our team feeds all who attend, refreshing them. They are then gathered to hear the Preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the heart of our mission, leading multitudes to a renewed life by hearing and accepting the atoning, healing and restoring power of Christ’s blood. Local churches, pastors and volunteers embrace the people, and follow up with them in order to disciple them.